Dear all,

There is a time for everything, and so it happened that time was up for the Etologisk Institut that Jens Mossing and I created back in the 1980s. As it is always, we went through troubled times as well as great times and joyful moments. On balance, we keep fond memories of the time of the Etologisk Institut, which helped over 10,000 animals and their owners to a better life. We trained over 500 students, and many of them are now out there helping animals and their owners. We organized countless courses, puppy parties, seminars, conferences, and I gave over 1200 talks in Denmark alone. We were among the first in the world to implement distance education. These are impressing facts and figures witnessing the immense workload and capacity that we have had at the EI.

Our educational programs have been the greatest workload requiring enormous human as well as economic resources. At the end of 2008, we tried hard to continue offering the best programs available. By mid-2009, it became clear to us that we couldn’t get tutors in Denmark with the high competence we required. We did not have the necessary working conditions, to continue offering the best programs in animal behavior and training. Then, it was that we signed an agreement with Cambridge e-Learning Institute to create a new division––the Ethology Institute Cambridge.

From among all the good employees the Etologisk Institut has had throughout the years, no one has been more diligent, dedicated, and loyal than Tilde Detz Jensen. She stayed with us until the end, enduring an enormous workload in the last ten months. Therefore, and deservedly, we offer Tilde now the opportunity to carry on the work of the Etologisk Institut, taking over all the operations (except educational programs) clients and contacts.

Tilde has been my student in the last on-campus class I have taught. I have had many good students, as many fine students have passed through the EI, but Tilde is clearly among that handful that stands head and shoulders above the rest. She’s impressive working with all animals, especially dogs and horses. She combines natural talent with a necessity for meticulously going into theoretical details. She is not a person of many words, sometimes even appearing shy, but give her a chance to work with the animals, and she shines like a bright star.

We will continue to support Tilde and her company,, from Cambridge as much as she needs, and I urge you all to give her all the support and encouragement she deserves.

Have a great day!

September 1, 2009

Roger Abrantes