Teaching pet owners, students, and professionals in animal behavior, welfare, and training:

  • Training, coaching, and treating behavioral problems for owners of dogs, horses, cats, and other pets of all ages and levels.
  • Tutoring, teaching, and proficiency verify students at the Ethology Institute in Applied Ethology.
  • Offering private and group lessons, courses, talks, and other events.
  • Animal Training and Researching Cooperator Roberto Barata, CAAE-EIC


etologi.dk applies scientific principles respecting animals’ natural living conditions, species-specific behaviors, and learning abilities. Besides, my teaching aims to strengthen the interspecies communication relationship, emphasizing mutual understanding and signal accordance.


etologi.dk is aimed at anyone who:

* Wishes to learn

* Is ready to change their routines/behavior towards their animal

* Ask any questions that may arise

* Knows their results depend on personal commitment

Approved by Ethology Institute

etologi.dk is an Ethology Institute Approved Regional Education Provider (AREP). This international approval ensures that the content and quality of all courses provided follow high standards of education. Learn more about the Ethology Institute by clicking on the image.


E-mail: tdj@etologi.dk

Phone: (+45) 6091 1712

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