Are you interested in learning and gaining experience in the field of animal behavior and training? Then you can take an internship course at

Typically the internship last for one month and is focused on students from all around the world. has an cooperation together with the Ethology Institute Cambridge and is AREP (Approved Regional Education Provider), which means that we can teach classes and conduct proficiency verifications for EIC students too.

Content of course:

One week

Price: DKK 3.000 / Euro 400

Theory and Practice in Natural Behavior, Communication and Learning Theory

Two weeks
Price: DKK 5.500 / Euro 740

Theory and Practice in Observation and SMAF (the importance of signals, their meaning and forms in training)

Three weeks
Price: DKK 8.000 / Euro 1.075

Theory and Practice Problem Behavior

Four weeks
Price: DKK 10.000 / Euro 1.345

Theory and Practice in Behavior Cases